Unlike other Incubators in the area, space is provided to TA2 companies free of charge. Not only is physical space provided, but also access to mentorship services is provided free as well.

Companies who have demonstrated the potential for success and have been selected by TA2 will have the opportunity to participate in the TA2 Incubator Program. Unlike the Accelerator, the Incubator is less structured and more individualized to meet the needs of each participating company. Incubator companies have access to office space within the TA2 facility. While in the Incubator Program, companies have access to support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management.

In addition to the use of facilities and access to mentors, TA2 Incubator companies will have access to professional fundraising services. In exchange for these professional services, TA2 Incubator companies agree to pay TA2 a broker fee.

Mentoring Services

Without proper planning and a lack of market knowledge, it is incredibly difficult for a new technology startup company to be successful. Incubator companies will have access to TA2 program staff as well as TA2 Branded Partners to help companies succeed. Through these services, companies will have access to investors, mentors, and investors.

Business Plan Development

Companies in the Incubator Program will be required to develop a business plan. TA2 program staff and mentors will help companies develop a viable business plan. The business plan will help companies have a roadmap to measure programs against. Business plans serve as a reporting metric for the generation of quarterly business reports of goals and performance.

Understanding that a business plan is a fluid document, TA2 staff will review business plans annually to ensure that goals are being met as well as determine how TA2 can continue to support the development and growth of the company.

Virtual Incubator Companies

Companies wanting to incubate with TA2 but do not want to take advantage of the mentoring services, can virtually incubate with TA2. Virtual Incubator Companies, after going through the application process, can take advantage of networking and coaching services provided by TA2.

Tenant Services

TA2 companies that take advantage of the physical space available, free of charge, will have access to the following:

  • Office space
  • Internet
  • Meeting rooms
  • Presentation rooms
  • Labs
  • General office machines and technology


The goal of the TA2 Incubator Program is to serve as an interim placement for companies on their path to commercialization. Because of this goal, TA2 seeks to graduate companies within a 3-5 year timeframe. Upon graduation of the Incubator, companies will have the skills, tools, and network to be a successful company. Portfolio companies who graduate the TA2 Incubator Program demonstrating rapid growth may be asked to become a Branded Partner.

As companies ready for graduation, TA2 will help develop a list of milestones and deliverables as well as a timeline for these action items that is customized to the specific needs of the Incubator Company.

Application Process

Companies wishing to apply to the Incubator program must complete an application. Promising companies will be asked to interview. After the interview process, companies will be asked to join our Incubator.