The goal of the TA2 Accelerator is to take portfolio companies, wherever they are, start up or a mature enterprise, through the various stages of the business cycle successfully. TA2 partners will help businesses through market research and concept validation while connecting them with a mentorship network that has start up experience or experience within the company’s field of interest. During the Accelerator Program, portfolio companies will be guided through various stages of the business cycle by expert mentors. At the end of this program, portfolio companies will have the skills they need to take their business to the next level as well as the opportunity to pitch to a group of potential investors. Companies that are successful in the Accelerator may be asked to join the TA2 Incubator Program as an in house portfolio company.

Unlike other Accelerator programs in the area, TA2 does not want an equity stake within your company. Instead of equity, TA2 wants portfolio companies to progress through the Accelerator and/or Incubator Program and to become future Branded Partners.

Mentor/Coaching Program

Companies accepted into TA2’s Accelerator Program will take part in a business boot camp. Unlike many Accelerator Programs in the area, the program at TA2 is not conducted during a rigid timeframe, but rather is completed at the company’s own pace over a series of months. Companies can enter the program on an ongoing basis and work with expert mentors to meet the milestones of the program. Topics covered during the accelerator program include; market analysis, product development, and operating practices more broadly. In addition to these topics, companies will have access to TA2’s Branded Partners for concept validation and testing.

Showcase Day

Accelerator companies will be guided and coached and when TA2 staff feel they are ready, they can participate in Showcase Day. Taking place at The University of Mount Union, companies will have the opportunity to present their technology to potential investors, faculty, and community members arranged by TA2 staff. Showcase Day will take place multiple times during the year.


Companies that demonstrate potential success through the Accelerator Program may be asked to join the TA2 Incubator. Additionally, rapid growth portfolio companies who graduate the TA2 Accelerator Program may be asked to become a Branded Partner.

Accelerator Company Selection Criteria

More than having a concept with all the details ironed out, TA2 is looking for companies that have the potential to succeed. The point of the Accelerator process is to give companies the tools, time and focus needed to refine their business and business model. The concept will, more than likely, adapt and evolve. TA2 is more interested in the capacity of the entrepreneurs and the skills they possess.