AMVONET supports 21st Century e-learning and empowers the worldwide community by providing digital tools to sustain the demands of modern e-learning.

Provide K-12, Higher Education Institutions, Corporations and Medical verticals with new, affordable, interactive, digital tools to support 21st century education. Application of such tools will cut the cost of rent, utilities, traveling, maintenance, services, production of educational content and its delivery and at the same time it will increase productivity, security, availability and accessibility of all aspects of the educational process off line or on line over the World Wide Web or Local Area Network. In short AMVONET is designed to save time and money and allow any institution or organization to compete with bigger entities on any level of the modern educational structure by utilizing modern computer and Internet technology.

Primarily the business of the company is developed around offering services in educational technology. During 2005 – 2011 AVE developed the software solution called AMVONET (Advanced Manageable Video Network) The latest version of AMVONET, 4.6, is used by our clients right now. The current clients of AMVONET are using the application in management and delivery of educational and training process over the World Wide Web.

Analysis of competitive edge:
In order to succeed against the dominant incumbents we created and commercialized a simpler, integrated and more convenient product that is offered to:

  • Smaller – under 25 students on Line Digital Schools and Training companies.
  • Bigger – over 1000 students on Line Digital Schools.
  • Universities in the US and around the world.
  •  Corporations and Medical facilities that are in need of continuous education, training and new communication tools.

AMVONET in motion:
Our business is offering the end solution software as a service in complete compliance with the requests of the modern WEB 2.0 concept. In particular:

AMVONET is a provider of the solution that enables the creation, management, deployment and measurement of live and on-demand Communication and Educational presentations. These presentations are fully integrated with interactive applications, including video and audio, Microsoft Office ® products and practically any other printable type of files and applications, typed materials, graphs, animation and instant question and answer components in the form of Video/Audio/Text chats and comprehensive User Response Systems in the form of Quizzes, Surveys and Tests.  With the application of our network, users are able to send compelling, interactive presentations, product information, educational or corporate communication to an unlimited number of participants anywhere in the world in real time or on demand over Local Area Network and the World Wide Web.

Whether your organization or corporation needs to deliver product information, entertainment, corporate communication or distance – learning, you can make it stand out by offering to your students, clients, business partners or employees a full scale presentation by manipulating multimedia information in real time or on demand. Our solution lets you accomplish this task with ease, power and flexibility.

How Clients Are Applying Our Services:

Training and Education -
AMVONET not only is able to provide educational institutions or businesses with the instrument to conduct live or prerecorded video training over the internet, it also provides any client with interactive feedback for the trainee over AMVONET in real time.

Applying the AMVONET network in this example slashes the expenses of the economical utility, time utility, and it creates a more comfortable place utility for the trainee or student to participate in sessions, verses traditional video-based training. In turn, this cuts training-related travel costs, increases knowledge of product maintenance and reduces time away from clients and the work place or keeps users in the safe and comfortable environment of their choice.

Communications -
Powered by AMVONET, the institution and corporate staff will acquire a new tool to communicate between each other or partners around the nation and globe, faster with more flexibility and less expense than with traditional methods.

Marketing  and Sales -
Corporations that will be connected to the AMVONET solution can considerably reduce the time spent for marketing of new products, which in its turn will reduce the costs of road show expenses and dramatically increase the number of potential clients’ capable of receiving the information in their homes or businesses at any convenient time. For example AMOVNET can be used as a webinar tool.

The AMVONET network lets companies deliver up-to-the-minute product information. Visually appealing placement of the product and all of it’s accessible dimensions and possible use and further delivery of such information in full motion video and audio in live and/or prerecorded format.

Other Services:

  • AMVONET offers the services in the secure storage of crucial clients back up information and acts as a “storage farm” for all of the recorded or downloaded into AMVONET system information by utilizing worldwide infrastructure of AMAZON Cloud.
  • AMVONET offers services in providing the clients with affordable bandwidth and secure AMAZON Cloud Data Center facilities.


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